Kuzma Stabi R

Kuzma Ltd first started production in 1982. Founded by Franc Kuzma, it was born of his interest in music combined with a mechanical engineers education which, together with experience working on acoustic transducers, culminated in an interest in producing high quality playback from records. The first product was a turntable of basic design with a classic belt drive and emphasis on ease of use. It was named STABI in recognition of one of its greatest strengths stability.

This turntable was soon superseded by another model, STABI 2 which was introduced internationally by the name STABI. At the same time work on the first tonearm was completed and this was named STOGI which, in Slovenian, is short for rigidity. Both products soon dominated the domestic market because of their performance and appearance.

Internationally both Stabi and Stogi appeared first in Germany and UK. The Stogi tonearm was tested by the British magazine Hi Fi News and RR and a very favourable review by Martin Coloms was published in 1985, bringing the names Kuzma and Stogi to the attention of audiophiles worldwide. A year later the Stabi turntable also achieved international recognition and to this was shortly added a quartz controlled electronic power supply. Another tonearm was also added to the range, Stogi reference, which incorporated a conical tube and other design improvements. Worldwide, increasing attention was being paid to Kuzma products with universally favourable reviews. Products evolved with improved tonearm bearings, modified motor bearings, improved parts, damping and wiring etc.

In 1990 turntable Stabi Reference was introduced which differed quite markedly from its predecessor, having a sandwich construction of aluminium and acrylic for its base, subchassis and platter. It incorporated a unique silicon damped spring system, two motors and allowed for easy adjustment of suspension. This, together with the Stogi reference tonearm, was soon treated as one of the best vinyl playback systems available and is currently used by high end manufacturers and record producers. In 1997 work started on the design of a new turntable incorporating all essential elements necessary for a high quality, no compromise turntable but stripped of all non essential parts. The result was Kuzma Stabi S, a minimalistic turntable with a simple, purely functional design, which has caused a great deal of interest among the audio community. Similar in concept was Kuzma Stogi S, a unipivot  tonearm, which followed a year later. Together they produce a highly stable platform for cartridges and compare favourably with far more highly priced systems. This view is confirmed by reviews worldwide.

In 1999 the Stabi XL turntable was added to the Kuzma range of products. . When first introduced in London Hi Fi Show, it created huge interest, due to its design, sound, appearance and ease of use, particularly for VTA adjustment.

In 2004 we made a sucessfull attempt to create the best possible tonearm and we introduced  tangential air bearing  tonearm called Air Line. Again we put great emphasis on structual rigidity and stiff air bearing which can withstand 20 kg »force« and still maintain zero friction. Most air bearing are not stiff,  thus not creating stable platform for cartridge to extract what is in the groove.

In 2008 we decided that what we learn with Air Line performance to  make an attempt to pivoted tonearm based on our new unique 4 unipivot bearings giving rigidity, stability and very low friction allowing all parameters to be adjusted, including double damping and detachable headshell and unique VTA tower. We called this tonearm 4Point and is now already reached a cult status.

In 2009 we introduced 12 inch tonearms  called Stogi S 12 and Stogi Ref 313.  But to fix 12 inch tonearms on standard 9 inch position we introduced tonearms with VTA tower  called Stogi S 12 VTA and Stogi Ref 313 VTA.

In 2009 we introduced better power supplies for our turntables. Basic change is that sine wave needed to control AC motors is  computer generated giving us purer sine wave and more sophisticated speed control and adjustment.

With new PS  Stabi Ref  and Stabi XL become Stabi Ref 2 and Stabi XL 2. At the same time PS XL2  got 4 motor outputs allowing that we use 4 motors with 4 belts giving Stabi XL 2 smoother and stiffer drive to the platter increasing its performance even further.

In 2012  we are introduced  new turntable called Stabi M which is on the outside a classic turntable with lid allowing to cover even 12 inch tonearm. Inside is triple damped suspension with DC motor and our own unique plastic stiff belt.  Most of the turntable is constructed from various aluminium parts clamped together for rigidity and damping.

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