One man’s passion From a very early age, Hervé Delétraz has been passionate about musical reproduction. In 1984, he earned his degree in electrical engineering from the École d’Ingénieurs de Genève, for which he built his first audio amplifier. Today, darTZeel amplifiers are renowned worldwide, producing sound output with dynamic range on a par with […]

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Our first product was the non-magnetic cast iron main platter for the classical Thorens TD124 turntable. Equipped with multiple upgrade parts, the Schopper Mod’s for Thorens TD124 was declared “Product of the year 2008” by Stereophile’s Art Dudley. Yes, a more than 50 year old upgraded turntable can be state-of-the-art!Since then, Swissonor produces a

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Link til hemsida The genesis of CODA Technologies began in March of 1985. Originally incorporated as Continuum Electronics, an independent design and engineering consultancy, the company was founded by Eric Lauchli, B.D. Dale and Lorin Peterson, former members of the R&D and technical support staff of the Threshold Corporation, then an innovative leader in high-performance

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AIR TIGHT 1986~LUXMAN 1956~1986 In the past 60 years, 30 with Luxman and 30 with Air Tight, I have been fortunate to witness the transformation of our industry. From the beginning with vacuum tube amplification to solid-state and the concept of analog playback to digital, all in the pursuit and re-creation of the musical experience.It

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AudioDesk Systeme

Link til hemsida When the word inventor is used, one usually thinks of bizarre, alien types à la Gyro Gearloose – properties that the inventor Reiner Gläss absolutely does not apply to. Reiner Gläss is a down to earth type. He lives and works in Baden-Württemberg. With curiosity and an alert mind, he analyzes facts

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