Our first product was the non-magnetic cast iron main platter for the classical Thorens TD124 turntable. Equipped with multiple Swissonor.ch upgrade parts, the Schopper Mod’s for Thorens TD124 was declared “Product of the year 2008” by Stereophile’s Art Dudley. Yes, a more than 50 year old upgraded turntable can be state-of-the-art!
Since then, Swissonor produces a complete genuine product range with a single goal- achieving best sound performance from analogue sound sources.

What you can get at Swissonor:
Careful evolution of great classics
Selected optimum components
Functional, user-friendly design
Expenditure where necessary
Swiss handmade quality

What you could not get:
Short-lived high-tech
Boasted outfit
Heavy front panel, sheet metal behind
Import from low-cost countries

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